As I reflect on the trajectory of my career in honor of Women’s Day, I can’t help but realize that I wouldn’t be here without my immense support system- these beautiful women. I would like to express my gratitude to all these women and their continued support for the XIMENA KAVALEKAS brand.

However, I have to acknowledge that getting to where I am, today, wasn’t easy. Before the start of this brand, I underwent many obstacles and failed attempts to enter this industry. The sense of hopelessness in investing all your time and energy into something and it not working out made me believe that maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t my calling. As I entered motherhood, I dedicated myself to my children, and left behind my dream of one day becoming a handbag designer in the sidelines.


It wasn’t until a good friend of mine from my college years in Florence reached out to me, that I decided to execute this far-fetch dream into a reality. Although scared to commence this challenge in my life, the overwhelming support from my friends gave me the confidence to jumpstart my career, once again, without hesitation.

It is in this light, that I would like to encourage women to pursue their dreams. If you have vision, determination and a support system- you can accomplish anything. The most important thing is to fervently believe that good things take time; Dreams don’t come true overnight. If you reap hard work, you will sow great things.

I am conscious that I have a lot more to accomplish, but am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to do so many of the things that I thought were nearly impossible.

Happy Women’s Day!

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