The Journey of a XK Bag

 I am taking you on Ximena Kavalekas’ creative journey. From sourcing the skins to the finish product. Giving you a glimpse into what makes the iconic Ximena Kavalekas bags come to life.

Ximena Kavalekas Handbag Designer Miami

 Creative Process:

 It's the places she visits, the people she meets and her surroundings that inspire her eclectic designs.



 Our skins are sourced in an IUCN certified cruelty free snake farm in Indonesia.

 Ximena Kavalekas Python Sanakeskin factory


 Ximena Kavalekas luxury bags are wrapped in python skins hand crafted and painted by skilled Italian artisans. Our signature box bags can take up to 4 full days to make and details include real 18kt gold and silver foil accents.

Ximena Kavalekas Snakeskin Pythton gold foil Avra














Social Mission:

By the time our bags reach US soil, they receive the Fish and Wildlife Foundation seal of approval. Ximena Kavalekas helps support the Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Python control with donations coming from the sale of our products.

 Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida







As you can see, this meticulous and crafty process is what makes the XK bag all worth it... 

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