About Us

Ximena Kavalekas is a Miami-based accessories brand specializing in hand-made python bags. Launched in 2015, the Ximena Kavalekas signature has already created a buzz within international fashion circles due to the fine quality and elegant designs of the luxurious handbags, made entirely in Italy

The Story

A memorable love affair with the city of Firenze, born during the years of studies at Academia Italiana and Instituto Polimoda, unexpectedly revived after a dear friend's recent phone call... A visit to the old Italian neighborhoods, the exquisite tannery refining the natural beauty of the exotic python skin and a creative instinct that never silences... all these were enough reasons to bring ideas back on the drawing table! 
After many years in the accessories business, designing and distributing luxury goods, Ximena Kavalekas (pronounced hee-men-ah) had decided to take a break, pull back just a bit and focus mainly on her family. Destiny, however, seemed to have a different plan already set. One little step led to the next and soon she was once again producing items of desire! By word of mouth her name began to travel not only within the cosmopolitan fashion elite of Miami but in many countries around the world. No one seems able to resist the idea of carrying a custom-made python handbag in a classic design that will last for a lifetime... 
The natural need to communicate through exquisite artistry and years of experience relating with female customers put an even more personal touch to the brand cosigning the intimate story of elegance brought to life by each Ximena Kavalekas handbag! 
The python skin, specially injected with a patented vitamin combination, becomes extremely soft and super light in the expert hands of the Italian craftsmen who also deliver under exclusivily leather goods to some of the world's most celebrated fashion brands. Coming in a great variety of colors and metallic sprays these beautiful accessories are made-to-order according to the likes of each unique customer, representing from start to finish their one-of-a-kind character.