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The Zoe Report: 10 Fashion-Girl Brands That’ll Make You Look Good—And Feel Good

10 Fashion-Girl Brands That’ll Make You Look Good—And Feel Good It’s not often we hear the fashion industry touted for its philanthropic initiatives, but there does exist a pool of designers who participate in humanitarian and sustainable work—some of whom even put charity at the forefront of their businesses. And doesn’t everyone enjoy a good cause, particularly one that doesn’t involve a time-consuming campaign or wallet-draining donation? In fact, giving can be as easy as hitting “Add to cart” and “Check out,” which is already mindless behavior for most of us. Here, brands that prove you don’t have to leave your couch to know that fashion does give back.  

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Miami Crowd- Ximena Kavalekas is Accessorizing Miami

For the Full Article, click here XIMENA KAVALEKAS IS ACCESSORIZING MIAMI August 1, 2017   When you think fashion, New York is likely to pop up in your mind. The city is known for their fashion driven market, showrooms and high runway shows. In Miami, we need to spruce up our fashion industry game. Luckily, Ximena Kavalekas is one designer leading the way. Ximena’s high fashion, high color, python leather handbags give Miami some fashion credit. Ximena’s handbags go through a multiple step process before they are showcased in her private showroom in Miami and at high-end retailers. The python skins are collected, sent to Italy for careful care and processing. It is there where they are hand painted and...

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V-Day Preview: Accessories Council of New York

A VISIT TO THE ACCESSORIES COUNCIL by Chris Collie, Senior Editor of Fashion Week Online The new kid on the block per se, was python handbag brand Ximena Kavalekas. My father once told me, there is no faking quality, that fact holds true with Ximena. The quality can be instantly seen through the detail of the construction of the handbag along with the quality of color that is chosen to give the finishing touch of luxury to this collection which is made entirely in Italy.

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