Let's Go Shopping: Mini Bags

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What do mini bags say about us? Or do they say anything at all? Mini bags are sure having a moment and in today’s post, we’re talking mini bags briefly and then going straight shopping, so let’s dive right in on all things mini bags.

mini bag trend

While we’ve seen mini bags gaining momentum in the last few years, they really took off and became more mainstream in 2019. Many of the high-end luxury retailers have been making mini bags of their iconic bags, too, so it’s a great time to be alive! Here, I’m wearing a gorgeous mini bag from Ximena Kavalekas.

Handbags in general have always been status symbols. They also allow us to show off our personal taste and reveal a bit of our personality, while also simultaneously being functional.

But what about mini bags? Are they even practical? Or are they an even bigger statement piece? They still allow us to show our personality but perhaps they say even more: I’m simple, carefree, and only prioritize what’s absolutely necessary (credit card, makeup for touch ups). The phone most certainly won’t fit but the girl that wears the mini bag is either always on the phone or someone else is carrying it for her.

Regardless of your opinion, what we do know for certain is that if you love handbags, then you know they make you feel good. So if a bag can free up your hands, lighten the load off your back or neck, and won’t break the bank then I say mini bags are a win. Unless of course you’re a mom, then I suppose they’re not the most practical.

But here’s some food for thought: bigger may not always be better 😉.

Now let’s go shopping for a new mini bag to add to our wardrobes because one beauty of this trend is that we can be a part of it for not a lot of $$$.



Credit: Christie Ferrari

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