Python Patrol is a training program that teaches individuals to identify Burmese pythons, safely and humanely capture them and properly report all data to the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida.
By officially supporting this program with donations coming from sales, Ximena Kavalekas is helping to build a solid network of trained individuals throughout South Florida who know how to identify Burmese pythons and report sightings directly to the Foundation who will respond quickly and efficiently when these snakes are encountered.
In recent years snakes from around the world seem to have taken over the Everglades National Park. One of the largest snake species on earth today - the South Asian Burmese python - is breeding in the park without control and spreading through out south Florida. The population of Burmese pythons established in the Everglades in unfortunately the result of accidental or even intentional releases by pet owners with devastating consequences to our ecosystem. These pythons feed on a wide variety of mammals and birds in the park, often even on alligators! By preying on native wildlife and competing with other native predators, pythons are seriously ecological communities. Their continued proliferation, as well as the introduction of new foreign species, further threatens many of the endangered plants and animals.