XIMENA KAVALEKAS, named after its creative director and designer, is a Miami-based luxury handbag and accessories brand. Launched in late 2015, the brand has quickly gained recognition among national and international fashion connoisseurs, and A-list celebrities, due to its quality, craftsmanship and luxurious skins. Meticulously crafted and produced in Italy, all her pieces are fully embellished in python skins and other materials making each one a unique representation of the brand’s identity.

With tons of styles to choose from, and inspired by day-to-day items such as perfume bottles, binoculars, “grandma bags,” and jewelry boxes, in a variety of colors and metallic sprays- the brand keeps expanding.

Following the brand’s success and listening to the clients’ desire and preference for a more sustainable method of production, XIMENA KAVALEKAS recently expanded to more eco-friendly materials. Expanding the line beyond python to fabrics, rattan, faux fur, snake print leather, velvet, to name a few... All produced in eco-friendly ways. One thing however that remains unchanged, even with the new materials, is the snake print; something that will always be the brand’s insignia.

Still Ximena Kavalekas’ environmental conscience does not stop there. With a base and a showroom in Miami, Ximena Kavalekas supports the Everglades conservation effort by donating a portion of sales to the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida, contributing to the conservation and restoration of one of the world’s most diverse and significant ecosystems.

Today, and 4 years into this incredible journey, Ximena Kavalekas keeps growing and looking into the future. The company recently appointed a President, fueled by the aspiration to expand the product line, keep up with fashion trends and consumer desires, as well as build a stronger international presence. With expertise, the brand will continue to grow and evolve, more than ever before. The future is looking bright for the Ximena Kavalekas brand. Stay tuned…….





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