Ximena Kavalekas is a Miami-based brand specializing in handmade python accessories. Named after the designer Ximena Kavalekas, and launched in late 2015, the brand has quickly gained popularity within national and international fashion connoisseurs due to the impeccable fine quality and elegant designs of its luxurious skins. Each piece  is crafted in Italy and fully embellished in python skin, to then be imported to Miami, Florida.

Born and raised in Ecuador, her parents always taught her that the quality and time invested into an item is what counts the most in its success. Ximena’s journey through design and fashion began in Tuscany, Italy, during the mid-1990’s. While living in Florence for six years, she studied at Academia Italiana and Instituto Polimoda. After graduating in 2000, Ximena moved to Miami, where she worked in the fashion industry, buying and selling accessories at trunk shows. She later put her business aside and dedicated her time to her family while volunteering at her children’s school.

Her memorable love affair with Florence, however, was revived when an old friend from college reached out in early 2015. That same year, Ximena flew back to Italy to reconnect with her friend. With the sight of the old Italian neighborhoods, the exquisite tannery refining the natural beauty of the exotic python skin, and an internal creative instinct that never silences, ideas flowed and were put down on paper. Overnight, the first collection of handbags was created, and they would later be sold in Miami.

On October 2015, Ximena sold her first designs at her children’s school bazaar, yet she could never imagine that the beauty, uniqueness, and elegance in her pieces –– would soon bring her vast popularity and turn her into one of the most talked about new and up-coming  Latin American designers.

By word of mouth, the Ximena Kavalekas brand began to gain recognition, catching the attention of elite fashion bloggers, stylists and celebrities worldwide. On June 2016, just eight months after her launch, Ximena received an e-mail from Bergdorf Goodman with an offer she could not turn down. The display and sale of her accessories at the luxury retail department store quickly catapulted the brand into a high-end retail accessories brand that would later be mentioned and considered in magazines and publications right alongside ultra-brands such as Chanel and Gucci.

Today, just about two and a half years later, based in Miami, the Ximena Kavalekas brand is on an incredible journey, fueled by the high quality of its accessories embellished in their signature python skins, injected with a patented vitamin combination, making them soft and light, shaped by the hands of expert Italian craftsmen.

With more than 30 style to choose from and inspired by day-to-day items such as perfume bottles, binoculars, “grandma bags,” and jewelry boxes, in a variety of colors and metallic sprays that are sure to please each consumer and their individual taste. Ximena Kavalekas handbags are available for purchase at Bergdorf Goodman, Net-a-Porter, Bloomingdales US and Middle East, Stanley Korshak, Moda Operandi, and many other retailers worldwide.