Deco Drive

In SoFlo, fall doesn’t mean cooler temps and falling palm fronds, but it does mean the start of a new season for accessories. And we found a designer with one of the season’s hottest bags — right here in South Florida.

If you’re looking for the perfect fall accessory: skin is in!

Shireen Sandoval: “Your bags are made of?”

South Florida designer, Ximena Kavalekas is snaking her way into the fashion world with her new line of python bags.

Ximena Kavalekas: “Miami’s in my soul.”

Ximena Kavalekas: “I even named them like they have Biltmore, Wynwood. 100 percent Miami.”

Ximena, who studied fashion in Italy for six years, carefully crafts each bag.

Ximena Kavalekas: “Each of them, they take days to be made. Five, six, four days depending on the shape.”

The bag with the most stylish bite?

And … don’t think all python costs a pretty penny, prices start at just under $100.

Ximena Kavalekas: “So I have created different shapes according to your needs. If you want to go to a movies, there is a bag for that. If you need a wallet, there’s a wallet. A coin purse, there’s a coin purse, all shapes.”

If you’re an animal lover like myself, this purse line pulls out all the stops, humanely.

Ximena Kavalekas: “They are all farmed, we follow all of the rules the Fish and Wildlife requires.”

Celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Disney’s new it-girl Sofia Carson are totally posh in the python box bag.

Ximena Kavalekas: “It’s very fashionable shape and it’s also versatile.”

Python isn’t the only thing that inspires this up-and-coming designer.

Ximena Kavalekas: “I could be inspired now as we’re talking, I could be thinking what will be my next shape and I might name it Déco Drive.”

Shireen Sandoval: “Yay!”