Ximena Kavalekas is an Ecuadorian fashion designer, businesswoman, and founder of the namesake brand, Ximena Kavalekas. She began her fashion training in her early 20's at the prestigious Academia Italiana and Instituto Polimoda where she studied design. After many years designing and creating with top brands from around the world, Kavalekas moved to Miami, met her Greek husband, and started to raise a family, but her love affair with fashion and design still burned bright. Between raising her two kids (ages 13 & 15) and running her business, Kavalekas rarely has time to relax.  A typical day for XK starts at 5 o’clock in the morning with zoom calls to her factory in Italy, where she works on her latest creations. Then she heads out to client/business meetings for the rest of her day. Ximena’s electric, bubbly personality fuels her hectic schedule and lends her time to socialize with her friends and colleagues, many of whom have been supporting her from the very beginning. Kavalekas attributes her success, in part, to these individuals. Upon looking through her collections, you will find that each bag shares a name with one of these people that have made a significant impact on her life. 

At her core, she loves people, bags, and bubbles which is why it is no surprise that her latest project is the creation of her own private label prosecco. This on-going project has been years in the making, and she is happy to finally launch it later this year. All of her hard work over the years has manifested into many awards and accolades including Vieuve Clicquot's prestiges “La Grande Dam'' award celebrating audacious, creative, and innovative women. Most recently, Kavalekas was honored in the “Miami Founders” campaign, which celebrates the only major American city founded by a woman. Apart from being recognized for these prestigious entrepreneurial awards, Kavalekas is incredibly socially conscious, working closely with many philanthropic foundations, including the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida, donating a portion of her sales to support its conservation efforts. She is just getting started, and can’t wait to show the world what else she has in store.