The Launch: #XimenaxMargherita



During a spontaneous lunch in Milan, these two influential women conversed about everything from their kids to their passion for fashion. After hours of daydreaming about a collaboration, they realized that it didn't have to be a dream, but instead, it could be a goal. In the wake of a months, they put all their energy, time, and dedication into this bag. Ximena quoted, “The moment we met we knew that we wanted to do something together, and a lot of emails and calls crossed the Atlantic both ways during this short period of time.”From the prestigious factories in Tuscany, The Ximena Kavalekas x Margherita Missoni bag has been handmade and shaped to perfection. From there they began their voyage, to Miami to be carefully inspected and packed for world renowned fashion icons. Once tucked and pampered in their bag, they traveled back to Europe and made their final destination in Paris.

Organizing and preparing this event was no walk in the park. July is one of the busiest times of the year, especially in Paris for the fashion elite. Arranging for celebrities, models, press, and socialites to clear their schedule was only part of it. Every single detail of the event had to be planned out. There was a Plan E for everything, and we mean everything. Outfits, seating arrangements, napkins, and more. There was no room for mistakes. It wasn't until the familiar guest faces arrived that we realized our hard work had paid off. Photographs and videos flooded social media of everyone eating, drinking, and overall enjoying their time at Caviar Kaspia.

Once there, there was a backdrop that mirrored that of the Ximena Kavalekas and Margherita Missoni bag. Daisy's covered and decked out every corner of the wall. Guests like Elisabeth von Thurn and Taxis, Derek Blasberg, Alexa Dell, Gianluca Longo, Karla Martinez de Salas, and Lauren Santo Domingo were spotted at the event. The Sardinia, Portofino, and Capri bags were gifted to our hand-picked guests as a token of our appreciation and to demonstrate that their time was valued. We hope to see them carry these bags proudly.


It is your job to finish showing them the world, more specifically yours.


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